Asthma is a condition that effects millions of people worldwide. It is one of the most common forms of breathing disabilities in the modern day, covering a range of issues from reduced lung capacity to life threatening asthma attacks, as well as risking increased susceptibility to diseases such as pneumonia.

Some people are born suffering from asthma, whilst others develop it throughout their lives. Although studies into the causes of asthma are still ongoing, it is widely recognised that smoking will either cause or at least exacerbate the symptoms of asthma. The long-understood links between smoking and a wide range of lung diseases has been the basis for multiple efforts to discourage asthmatics and those with lung conditions from smoking.

The relationship between vaping and asthma is an inherently newer discussion, though it has become ever more active in recent years. With efforts from organisations like Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation, as well as general pressure from the medical community, more information is becoming available to help us understand the links between vaping and asthma. So, should you be vaping if you have asthma? To make sure we understand exactly what the dangers are, we will discuss the facts surrounding vaping and asthma that have become apparent in recent years.

Products: E-liquids and Oils

One of their biggest sellers seems to be E-liquids, which they supply in a respectable range of strengths and flavours. Ranging from 100mg to an impressive 2000mg, their choice of flavours is fairly extensive. From classic menthol or mint to more complex choices, AZTEC CBD covers the wide palette of vaping options. Of these liquids, the Zkittlez and Grand Daddy Purple options stand out in particular. Each one offers a full spectrum CBD E-liquid infused with terpenes for a comprehensive flavour and smell experience. Zkittlez offers a sweet, fruity flavour reminiscent of some of our favourite childhood sweets, whilst Grand Daddy Purple offers that earthy mix of grape and berry in an aesthetically enchanting maelstrom of colour. We found the 50:50 ratio of PG and VG to be the ideal mix for the majority of vapers, offering a good balance between flavour and throat-hit whilst still giving satisfyingly sized clouds on the right devices.

All of their E-liquids come at a good price, supplemented with what seem to be relatively regular discounts. On top of these conventional E-liquids AZTEC CBD also sells terpene extracts, offering flavour enhancers for more mellow E-liquids. Coming entirely CBD free, these purely flavour-focused supplements can help bring out the taste in any E-liquid, supplementing a conventional flavour with either a lemon, grape and berry, or OG enhancer.

AZTEC also offers a selection of full-spectrum oils which, like the E-liquids, come with a few different choices. Most impressive is their range of concentration, going all the way up to a 4000mg CBD concentrate. Judging by the effectiveness of their E-liquids and the overwhelmingly positive reviews, we can assume that these oils carry the same high-quality CBD extract that AZTEC touts as it’s pride and joy. Certainly, lacking any of the additional elements of E-liquids, these oils will offer the most straightforward way to experience that quality Entourage Effect they hold up as gospel.

Like many brands, AZTEC also offers a range of starter kits aimed at introducing people to CBD vaping as a whole. Offering a single E-liquid of decent size, giving the customer the option to select virtually any of their E-liquids in strength or flavour, they also come with a CCell M3 Vape Kit. This basic cartridge-and-battery vape pen is a low-power draw-activated device; certainly not cutting-edge tech, but ideal for someone who is still unsure about whether CBD vaping is for them. Ranging from £20 to £105 depending largely on which E-liquid you choose, this is an excellently priced starter kit that will appeal to a range of vaping newbies and CBD novices.

Aztec CBD oil and E-liquid

Products: Vape Pens and Waxes

AZTEC CBD also offers a range of disposable vape pods through their FLY subsidiary. Good quality disposables are something of a rarity these days, with the market leaning more towards cheaper starter vapes like the CCell M3. By offering decent disposables paired with their E-liquids AZTEC is helping to serve a particularly underfed corner of the vaping community.

When it comes to more niche products AZTEC also offers a line of CBD waxes, another underserved part of CBD. The waxes themselves come at a respectable selection of strengths, including both CBD and CBC cannabidiols for a slightly more varied Entourage Effect. AZTEC sells them with the angle of being useful for a range of purposes, including making your own E-liquids and edibles. For something purpose-built for this home-cooking angle, they also offer CBD and CBG isolate waxes at 1000mg and 980mg respectively.

Service: Delivery and Supply

AZTEC offer free 1st class delivery on every order to the UK, giving them a fantastic edge against other competitors when it comes to home delivery. They also offer various levels of special delivery for those making significant purchases. When it comes to being a convenience-focused supplier they certainly are doing everything they can to smooth out the delivery processes. In a time of lockdowns and limited retail for their various merchandisers, this investment in Ecommerce will serve them well.

However, sourcing their CBD entirely from EU based farms may prove difficult for AZTEC in the coming years. Although it certainly was an advantage in the early days and allowed them to become one of the most reliable full-spectrum CBD suppliers in the UK back in 2016, the situation of trade with mainland Europe has undergone some changes to say the least. With Brexit imposing importation restrictions on everything from foodstuffs to medicine, CBD is not going to be the priority of any customs official. Unless AZTEC is sitting on a truly impressive stockpile, delays seem likely. Although the effects of these trade restrictions are still developing, we can see that in many industries the result has been a general increase in the cost of products. AZTEC, whilst currently offering a fantastic range of products at fairly reasonable prices, may soon find itself forced to increase the retail price of its CBD to make ends meet.

Aztec CBD trusted?

AZTEC CBD: Summary

Many CBD manufacturers these days source CBD from around the world, particularly from farms in the United States. Although Brexit is affecting every kind of trade into the UK, those manufacturers linked with U.S based CBD suppliers seem to be coping better than those with European ties. These issues are extremely hard to predict: we review CBD products here, not international trade agreements or market economics.

As of today, AZTEC offers its UK customers a wide range of high-quality full spectrum CBD products. It covers the most popular areas of the CBD market, whilst also offering some coverage on those more niche areas. When it comes to the quality of their products and their service they’re one of the best around. We only hope that they are able to continue this trend of excellence, both for their sake and the CBD market as a whole. AZTEC are a solid brand; it would be a shame to lose them.