CBDfx is certainly a titan of the CBD industry, holding the impressive title of the 3rd largest CBD company in the world. Launched in California in 2014, the last seven years have seen CBDfx meet a wide range of success in the worldwide CBD market, expanding its operations with the addition of a UK-based distribution centre that covers both Britain and the EU.

Their watchword has always been quality, expressing a desire to ensure an excellent CBD experience for their customers. They aim to do this by providing high-quality CBD, sourced from organic and solvent-free plants grown in the United States. They also claim that the lesser-focused-upon cannabinoid CBG contains a wealth of untapped potential, including it in higher concentrations in a range of their products. They insist that CBG is both a key part of the entourage effect -helping to enhance a CBD experience- and provides an “alertness” that is all its own. Though we can’t comment as to the practical validity of these claims, their commercial success seems to speak for itself.

Beyond this, CBDfx has built up a wide catalogue of products, covering the classics of the CBD world in oils, E-liquids, topicals and edibles. It should also be noted that CBDfx uses its website to host a relatively well-researched and informative blog that has been running successfully for nearly a year.

This is all well and good, but what are the products themselves like? There’s certainly a lot to choose from, so let’s get into precisely what it is CBDfx are offering to the everyday CBD aficionado.


CBDfx provides a range of conventional CBD oils, as well as providing several less conventional options. Their most basic range is a broad spectrum tincture suspended in MCT oil, coming at a choice of 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg concentrations. These oils are unflavoured, taking a utilitarian approach that focuses on highlighting the quality of the CBD rather than enhancing it with any particular flavour. As far as a range of CBD oils go, this is a perfectly suitable selection that one might expect from a CBD retailer.

Their second CBD oil option is a little more interesting, offering a 2:1 blend of CBD and CBG. This wellness tincture comes suspended in a mix of unconventional oils, including coconut, and is infused with a range of terpenes and “helpful” antioxidants. It comes in a concentration ranging between 500mg and 4000mg of CBD, a good range that would satisfy most CBD users. In all this is more of a luxury oil, carrying a higher price for the supposed benefits of it’s various additives. If you’re a practically-minded CBD taker who also has interest in homeopathic dietary supplements, this could be the perfect product for you.

CBDfx oils review


E-liquids have become a mainstay of any CBD retailer, following the boom in vaping that has been seen the world over. CBDfx is fully aware of this, offering several kinds of CBD infused vape juices to serve a range of different tastes.

Once again their standard range of CBD E-liquids is exactly what one could expect from any CBD manufacturer, offering a selection of CBD isolate E-liquids at strengths of either 500mg or 1000mg. These E-liquids are available in raspberry, strawberry, watermelon and kiwi flavourings, a decent selection with nothing special. They are listed as holding an “optimised” VG:PG ratio, which we can only assume means 50:50.

Things get interesting when we take a look at their range of terpene-infused E-liquids, offering a selection of vape juices designed to emulate classic strains. These come as either gelato, platinum rose, pineapple express or OG kush, and in all are a decent selection for this corner of the CBD vaping community that has been steadily growing in popularity. Unfortunately the limitation of these bottles to either 250mg or 500mg concentrations leaves them a little on the weak side. If you’re aiming for a sensory CBD vaping experience more than one with a hard-hit, then CBDfx may have just the thing for you.

They also sell a basic vape device to go with their E-liquids, offering a branded single-button compact vape that seems perfectly suitable for beginners, though a little limited in use beyond this.

CBDfx sells a range of disposable vapes containing flavoured CBD E-liquid. The basic vapes carry a CBD concentration of 30mg and come in blue raspberry, mint, tropical, melon, strawberry lemonade and honeydew watermelon flavours. A second range offers terpene-infused disposables, carrying 50mg of CBD each and coming in OG kush, pineapple express, gelato, blue dream, sour diesel and platinum rose. In all this is an interesting selection that provides for a somewhat underserved area in the CBD vaping market. Any of these disposable pens would be a good way for someone new to the world of CBD vaping to discover what works for them without investing in a full bottle of E-liquid.


CBDfx offers a very wide selection of topicals, almost rivalling a conventional beauty retailer in their number of products. Balm sticks, bath bombs, muscle balm, muscle and joint cream, foot creams, foot masks and facemasks, CBDfx has invested hard into developing their topical range into something truly impressive.

Their balm sticks are compact topical applicators offering 750mg of broad spectrum CBD in each bottle. Their focus is on using their CBD to enhance existing holistic ingredients, either as a calming balm containing lavender, rosemary and tea-tree and vetiver oils, or as a cooling muscle balm offering menthol, wintergreen and black pepper extracts. It’s not our area of expertise to comment on the effectiveness of these ingredients, but we can say that for the size of the topical a 750mg broad spectrum concentration is certainly respectable.

CBDfx’s Bath Bomb seems to match most industry expectations, containing a range of conventional ingredients alongside 200mg of CBD isolate. It stands alongside a selection of muscle and joint topicals, namely a muscle and joint cream and a muscle balm. The muscle and joint cream comes infused with either 500mg or 1000mg of broad spectrum CBD, a decent amount when packed into just 50ml of product. This is accompanied by several “anti-inflammatory… pain relieving” compounds and uses menthol to impart a deep cooling sensation. This is matched by a selection of CBD muscle balms that pack 250mg of CBD into just 15ml of product and come in three separate forms: calming, soothing and deep-tissue. Between these two products CBDfx is offering as fairly comprehensive muscle-focused CBD solution for those who prefer this method of dosing.

Last in the topicals range we have a selection of skin-focused CBD options, namely foot creams, foot masks and face masks. The vegan foot cream is a direct application topical containing 250mg of broad spectrum CBD and offers either a lavender or peppermint infusion. This is matched by a range of single-use foot masks, essentially single-use packets of each of the foot creams in a mask format, offering 50mg of CBD per-packet. Finally we have the facemasks, a short selection of conventional facemasks that also contain 50mg of broad spectrum CBD. They come in a choice of aloe vera, charcoal, cucumber, rose and lavender.

CBDfx topicals review


Capping out CBDfx’s range of CBD products is a selection of edibles, covering everything from conventional gummies to specifically dosed capsules and even some cookies. Their gummies are rather straightforward, taking a “medicinal” approach rather than a recreational one. The flavours are rather varied, coming in a choice of mixed berry, turmeric and spirulina sweetened with agave, chamomile and passionflower, apple-cider vinegar with a pomegranate flavouring, as well as offering a multivitamin option for both men and women. Last of all is a cherry flavouring that comes loaded with additional Vitamin B. Each tub comes with 1500mg of broad spectrum CBD split between 60 individual gummies, all of which are vegan friendly.

Their capsules are split roughly into two groups, a morning capsule and generic soft gel capsule. The morning capsule offers a blend of CBD and CBG, as well as having a small dose of caffeine and several other additives designed to help keep you “brimming with energy” in the morning. We can’t say if they’re all that good at getting you up, but with 30mg of CBD they’re certainly at a respectable concentration for a capsule. The soft gel capsules offer a more straightforward option, with 25mg of CBD suspended in a standard MCT oil. CBDfx also sells a CBD Pills Pouch, essentially a grab-bag style option for buying just 8 of the standard soft gel capsules. Whilst a long-term CBD user would be better served by a full tub of capsules, these smaller bags are a great way to test the waters to see if a new CBD product is right for you.

Last of all CBDfx offers a selection of CBD-infused cookies; a somewhat rare option from CBD manufacturers, as cookies require a far longer manufacturing process than something like gummy sweets. CBDfx has doubled-down on the health approach, offering a well-balanced protein cookie infused with 20mg of CBD. These cookies can be purchased in oatmeal raisin, peanut butter or chocolate chip flavours.

Shipping and Delivery

As we’ve said CBDfx began in the United States and continues to base much of its manufacturing chain there. Nevertheless its UK warehouse offers a more effective option for its UK and EU customers. In terms of the UK it offers either Royal Mail Tracked or DPD delivery, whilst its continental customers are serviced through the Royal Mail Overseas service. This does unfortunately mean that CBDfx has a limited shipping capacity for certain countries, the full list of which can be found in their terms and conditions. Unfortunately it also seems that free shipping is offered exclusively to US addresses.

CBDfx: Summary

In all CBDfx has earned its reputation as a widely successful CBD retailer, offering products that meet the vast majority of the CBD market’s demands. Their catalogue has been successfully expanded over the years, taking advantage of things like terpenes to expand the range of experiences they offer, as well as their relatively novel use of high concentrations of CBG. In their disposable vape pens that come pre-loaded with a range of different CBD E-liquids, we can see that CBDfx has successfully spotted a gap in the CBD market and filled it. The same can be said for their small but robust selection of CBD cookies, and their notably large choice of topicals.

They seem to have a solid base in the UK, but we get the feeling the US is their priority. Certainly the lack of free UK shipping could count against them moving forwards, not to mention the limitations on their shipping to the rest of the world. CBDfx may have made an impact on the worldwide CBD market, but there’s little doubt about where their main focus is.

Nevertheless, CBDfx still provides a good range of CBD products that meet an undeniably high standard. Their CBD was always touted as the cornerstone of their business and their top priority. If we can judge them by their commercial successes and the many reviews on their website, they’ve certainly kept it that way. Whether it’s their health-centric edibles, their perfectly decent E-liquids, some of their more interesting oils or their many, many topicals, CBDfx is a solid choice for any CBD user out there.