Submit a CBD guest post

Submit A CBD Guest Post

Have you wanted your work to be published online through an organisation dedicated to sharing knowledge? Are you passionate about CBD, or knowledgeable about the industry that surrounds it? Are you an avid writer, a medical professional, or just an enthusiastic and well-read amateur?

Whatever your background, My Best CBD encourages you to consider submitting a CBD guest post. As an organisation dedicated to informing the world about CBD, we’re always on the lookout for voices in the community to elevate and help us spread the word.

Submitting A CBD Guest Post

Our CBD guest post program has a range of goals, one of the biggest of which is expanding our content. Although we put a tremendous amount of time and effort into ensuring we address as many of the concerns of the CBD community as possible, there are some things we just can’t get to. If you think you have a unique and insightful take, or you’ve spotted a gap in our coverage that you know how to fill, the CBD guest post program is here to give you the chance you need.

Our CBD guest post program also gives us another way of engaging with the community, opening up yet another avenue through which we can talk with the people around the world who make CBD great. Through our position of respect and trust, we have the opportunity to take some of the most eager and knowledgeable members of the CBD community and give them a bigger voice.

My Best CBD is driven by an ethos of shared knowledge and expertise. We know just how valuable a well-informed community can be, so that is what we are determined to maintain for the CBD industry. Helping each other and spreading credible information is the best thing for everyone. the CBD guest post program is another measure in our continued dedication to this principle.

Why Write A CBD Guest Post?

One of the most difficult things for a fledgling writer to do is establish a reputation. A portfolio of published works is one of the best ways to prove both your skill and credibility when it comes to writing. By writing CBD guest posts for us you’ll have the benefit of published work held on a credible platform, something you’ll be able to refer back to in the future as a demonstration of your ability. Whether you’re looking to branch out into commercial writing or specifically aiming to go further in the world of CBD, this is an excellent way to lay down your roots and begin building that reputation.

If you believe that what you have to say is of great importance to the CBD community, this is a fantastic opportunity to get your message out there. Going through My Best CBD opens your work to a wide audience of CBD enthusiasts, giving you the perfect base to spread your message. If it’s a particular brand you’re trying to spread the principle is the same. Although you will of course have to meet our stringent guidelines, a CBD guest post remains an excellent way to get your products seen by people the world over.

Guidelines For A CBD Guest Post

My Best CBD remains dedicated to the sharing of credible, high-quality information with the worldwide CBD community. As such, our CBD guest posts have a few clear guidelines that must be observed. Although we encourage anyone to try their hand at writing a CBD guest post, only those submissions that meet these guidelines will be considered for publication.

Relevance: Naturally, the main topic of any CBD guest post must have clear relevance to the CBD industry or CBD itself. Although this can be stretched a little (for example, an article about vapes would be considered relevant if it links specifically to CBD E-liquids), we would not publish anything that we consider irrelevant to CBD.

Word Count: A written CBD guest post must consist of a minimum of 500 words. Whilst there is no maximum wordcount, we encourage writers to take a practical approach to length and density, particularly in relation to the reader’s attention span.

Infographics: If you have any infographics you would like to share we would be delighted to accept them. Of course these infographics must be your own original creation, with the data on them coming from a clearly displayed and credible source.

Plagiarism: Every CBD guest post you submit must consist of unique content. This means it must be entirely your own creation, it cannot be adapted from the work of another and you must hold the full copyright for it. Any issues of plagiarism will make a CBD guest post invalid for publication.

Sole Publishing: Any CBD guest post you submit must not be published anywhere else, either online or in print. As long as it remains on our website, My Best CBD retains the sole publishing rights for this work.

Claims: Any claims made in a CBD guest post, particularly medical or scientific claims, must be based on authentic and credible research. You should submit a list of any relevant sources (such as published scientific studies or official statements from medical associations) with your CBD guest post.

We will consider a CBD guest post talking about any part of the CBD industry, but for the best chances we encourage you to look into areas we have not yet covered. My Best CBD remains dedicated to providing information on every aspect of the CBD world, from those questions we all ask at some point to the most obscure of enquiries. If you want to help us in that goal we would be our deeply appreciative.

The CBD world is a big place, and it gets bigger every day. To make sure we all get the most out of it we need to work together to share our collective wisdom. Whatever your expertise, whether it’s about the perfect CBD edibles or the best way to use a CBD topical, it would be our pleasure to read your CBD guest post. We look forward to working with you.